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Our people are selected for their talent, character, team work and motivation, and our standards are rigorous.

We recruit widely, and predominantly from rural and regional backgrounds. We offer most of our positions to graduates and, from time to time, we will advertise for other opportunities as they arise. We reward high performance and all team members are remunerated based on their value to the firm and clients, regardless of the role they perform.

The qualities we look for include intellectual curiosity, passion, commonsense, a sense of humour, and a desire to grow personally and professionally.

We seek to hire the best. Is it time we had a conversation?



As a progressive law firm, we are committed to:

  • offering intellectually challenging and varied work across specialist areas

  • providing you with leadership and career opportunities

  • giving you more than just technical skills

  • immersing you in all aspects of the work and client interactions

  • a clear work-life balance where our families take priority

  • providing flexibility backed by excellent IT and resources

  • a culture of quality

  • supporting your pursuit of post-graduate studies and other training

We're always interested to receive a resume of a talented lawyer looking for a career.

Law Students /
Summer Clerkships


From time to time, we will have opportunities for students to undertake a placement with us to experience real life and real work at a firm providing commercial legal services.

Spend some of your holidays with us and you’ll gain a solid understanding of how we go about meeting the commercial needs of our clients as well as finding out what our culture is like.

And we'll be willing to pay for your time.

Administrative Staff


We’re different. We really are.


We recognise the crucial role that high quality support staff play and we are committed to offering:

  • excellent remuneration in line with your skills

  • intellectually stimulating and varied work

  • excellent IT and other systems to support you in your day to day tasks

  • support in your pursuit of studies and further training

  • a clear work-life balance where our families take priority

  • career progression

  • a healthy team environment built on trust, common goals and good communication


Our people are our business

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