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Our value proposition

We are part of the value pricing revolution


"A person requiring legal advice does not set out to buy time. Rather the object of the exercise is to buy services. Moreover, there is something inherently troubling about a billing system that pits a lawyer’s financial interest against that of its client and that has built-in incentives for inefficiency. The billable hour model has both of these undesirable features."


Bank of Nova Scotia v. Diemer, 2014 ONCA 851




In a commercial environment where price certainty accompanies almost every other product and service on offer, it’s not difficult to see why clients expect the same from their legal services provider. With us, you can.

We believe our clients would like to pay us fairly for what we do, and that fair sharing of risk and reward is conducive to a strong relationship. Accordingly, we use a value pricing model wherever possible, including in many litigation matters, fixing our fees at the start of our engagement based on the value of the work we will undertake for our clients.

There are five key reasons why we work on value-based fee and packaged legal services arrangements:

1. Work quality becomes the focus of the engagement.

We are not university-educated to sell time - and you are not coming to us to buy time. Instead, you are coming to us to provide highly-skilled problem solving services. And that is what we are qualified to do. 

Value-based fees align our interests with yours: the sole incentive for us is to complete your legal work to the best of our ability. Put simply, you pay for the value you receive.

2. Price certainty

We work hard at the outset to define your needs, objectives, priorities and expected outcomes, and we scope out the work accordingly. We ensure the scope of work is clearly defined before the price is agreed. Once the price is set, we stick to our fee arrangement for the scope of that work. The result: transparent pricing and predictable invoicing.

3. We get to focus on being lawyers rather than being timekeepers

Let's face it: we don’t like filling in time sheets – we prefer to spend our time helping clients solve problems. Fixed fee arrangements promote higher-quality outcomes and efficiency. We have also invested heavily in technology including cloud computing, paperless workflow, collaboration tools, mobile apps and smart assistants, to provide efficiency and savings that we pass on to our clients.

4. No nasty surprises

It is often a surprise that more complaints are not made about lawyers’ costs. In its most recent annual report, the Legal Services Commissioner of New South Wales found that 23.4% of the 10,078 complaints the previous year raised costs issues directly. Fixed fee arrangements remove the element of surprise, enabling you to plan and control your legal spend from the outset.

5. Improved communication

Our responsibility is to give you good advice to enable you to make informed decisions. Value pricing encourages open communication between us. Because you are not “on the clock” for every phone call or email, you can contact us with your questions or concerns, knowing that you won’t be charged for every response.

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